“Since beginning private Pilates classes with Lee, I am stronger, leaner, and my posture has improved considerably. I sit in front of screens all day, and was very tight through my upper back and shoulders, where I had very little movement. All that has changed since working with Lee. She is so great at targeting my specific areas of concern, while also guiding me through challenging workouts. And my whole body looks and feels so much better!” -Janine H.

“I'm a serious runner and I've been dealing with runner's knee and other assorted injuries. Through Pilates and myofascial release therapy, Lee has me running half marathons again. I really appreciate her thoughtful approach and focus on my individual fitness and rehabilitation goals. If you are looking for a great workout with a personal touch, I recommend working with Lee.” -Carolyn B.

“I just love my Reiki therapy with Lee. After several unsuccessful rounds of IVF, I decided to try Reiki, even though I didn’t completely understand it at first. It turns out that Reiki was just what I needed to bring my body into balance and get pregnant. I now understand that Reiki helped to reduce stress which helped my body produce the necessary hormones for egg maturation before egg retrieval. (And Reiki following the egg retrieval removed any built-up tension during the process while preparing my uterus for embryo transfer.)

There is soooo much I can say about how Reiki helped me during my pregnancy, but long story short: I am so grateful to work with Lee. We always have great discussions about nutrition and sleep. I still receive Reiki on a regular basis. My body and mind benefit in so many ways - especially since Lee is also a Pilates instructor, and I now see her for workouts, too!” -Vanessa L.

“I take private Pilates sessions with Lee. I chose to work with Lee because she is certified in Buff Bones (for osteoporosis) in addition to Pilates rehabilitation. Lee makes the sessions fun and energetic, while also making sure I move safely.” -Karen L.

“I first started seeing Lee two years ago when I was trying to get pregnant. After multiple rounds of unsuccessful fertility treatments, I was really stressed and depressed. A coworker said Reiki helped her, so I started Reiki with Lee in addition to the fertility treatments. Reiki helped to calm my nervous system and strengthen my adrenals, which also helped me to sleep better. And I finally got pregnant!! I continued to see Lee throughout my pregnancy, which really helped my back pain and insomnia. Ladies- get yourselves to see Lee if you need support with getting pregnant. This Reiki is the real deal. I've continued to see Lee for Reiki regularly, even post-partum. Lee is also a Pilates rehabilitation trainer, so when I injured my knee skiing, we added Pilates sessions geared toward rehabbing my leg. She really tailors each session to exactly what your body needs, both with Reiki and Pilates. Lee's integrity, compassion, and expertise are what make her so special.” -Megan R.

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