What is Medical Reiki?

Medical Reiki is the practice of Reiki in hospitals or other conventional healthcare institutions to address a medical issue.

I am a Certified Medical Reiki Master, trained under Raven Keyes, the founder of Medical Reiki. I am passionate about sharing Reiki as a holistic, complementary therapy for patients and their caregivers.

Medical Reiki Masters do not diagnose conditions, prescribe, or perform medical treatments, nor do we interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

Our mission is to support the patient and/or caregiver in a nurturing holistic way during what is often a very difficult and challenging time.

Medical Reiki Benefits

  • Reduces pain, anxiety, tension, stress and depression

  • Diminishes the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapies and medications including anxiety, nausea/vomiting, skin eruptions, fatigue, insomnia

  • May decrease the amount of medications needed

  • Quiets the mind and calms and soothes emotions

  • Accelerates surgical recovery and healing

  • Balances the body’s immune system

  • Dissolves energy blockages and releases toxins

  • Enhances feelings of well-being and empowerment

Caregiver and Staff Benefits

  • Immediate relief of stress

  • Rebalances and reenergizes the effects of a stressful environment

  • Balances the immune system

  • Eases caregiver burnout

Reiki can be offered in:   

  • Hospitals (Pre, Post and During Surgery)

  • Cancer Treatment centers

  • Chemotherapy suites

  • At home, in a bed or in a chair

  • Rehabilitation facilities

  • Hospice

  • Children’s units (NICU, PICU)

  • Labor and Delivery

  • Intensive care units

  • Emergency rooms

  • Veterans Hospitals

  • Assisted Living and Nursing homes

Reiki treatments are adaptable to any environment and everyone can benefit.  Reiki is appropriate and helpful for people of any age and with any condition-newborns, children, teens, adults, and seniors.


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